What is a ConnectAbility Hub?

The Disabilities Trust originally set up the #ConnectAbility appeal to raise £250,000 to build Hubs so disabled people in the community, in addition to the people we support, could try out new assistive technology to see what would help them, and to get advice in a safe and friendly environment.

Many of the people we support at The Disabilities Trust have had their lives transformed by assistive technology and are able to live more independently, maximise their ability to make choices and communicate with others.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology products can help disabled users to become more independent. Smart phones and tablets provide a relatively cost effective way to assist in everyday tasks; others are more expensive, such as eye gaze computer technology which enables people to control a computer with their eyes. The Hub allows people to try the technology first before making a decision whether it is suitable for their needs.


Who can use the ConnectAbility Hub?

The Hub is open to anyone with a disability, and professionals on a referral basis.

Which equipment can I try?

There is a wide range of hardware and software including:

  • The CardioWall (right) increases stamina, mobility, balance, strength and peripheral vision in a fun and challenging environment.
  • iClick technology turns electrical appliances on and off wirelessly
  • Our 3-D Printer allows the user to design and create objects, layer by layer.
  • myGaze Power enables an individual to use their computer with just their eyes
  • Grid 3 is communications software which builds sentences and then creates speech using computer-aided voices.

There is a wide range of technology which makes access to iPads and computers easier such a Pillow Switch and a Proximity Sensor Switch.
The Doo-zy Switch Kit is used to operate remote control items using light and vibration.

We also offer equipment that aids people with visual impairment and / or hearing loss such as a table-mounted magnifier for reading which allows changes in contrast and size, an electronic voice magnifier and an individual sound amplifier.

See the complete list of assistive technology on display at the Hub.

How can I make a book a session?

Visits to the Hub are by appointment only. A booking can be made by a parent, carer or professional via the referral form. If you would like to refer by phone, please call us on 01323 769196.

I am so pleased to hear how the new hub is up and running. I really appreciate how much communication technology can transform the lives of people with disabilities – it’s great that you are helping them gain these opportunities for greater independence.

Service User Hannah playing with the Soundbeamz at the ConnectAbility Hub

When is the ConnectAbility Hub open?

You can make bookings on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm.

What does it cost?

The Hub is free to use.

Where is the ConnectAbility Hub?

The Hub is at Shinewater Court, Milfoil Drive, Eastbourne, BN23 8ED

Where can I park?

Visitors are asked to park on the south side of the car park for easy access to the Hub.

Download the ConectAbility Hub leaflet for more information.