We launched the #ConnectAbility appeal to raise £250,000 to buy assistive communications technology to enhance the lives of the people we support; enabling them to live more independent lives and maximise their ability to make choices and communicate with others.

Progressively, during the three years that the appeal ran, many of the people we support at The Disabilities Trust have had their lives transformed thanks to equipment such as iPads, 3D printers and eye gaze technology.

We are extremely grateful to everybody who supported our fundraising and we will now take forward the ConnectAbility project to provide access to life changing assistive technology for disabled people in the community as well as those who access our services.

Our first fixed ‘Hub’ was opened in October 2017 at Shinewater Court in Eastbourne and is well used by the people who live there to try out assistive technology in a safe and supportive environment. The Hub showcases a selection of assistive and communications technology for people with a disability to trial on a six week basis, allowing them to assess whether it's suitable for their needs.We are working hard to develop networks and pathways across the South East with external stakeholders to ensure that any disabled person in the community can access the Shinewater Court hub.

We are also working to develop the capability to roll out mobile Hubs operating out of community spaces in locations across the country. These will further increase access to life changing devices for those most in need.

About The Disabilities Trust

The Disabilities Trust is an innovative national charity, providing care, rehabilitation and support for people with profound physical impairments, acquired brain injury and learning disabilities, as well as children and adults with autism.

Founded in Sussex in 1979, we now operate a national network of quality, progressive services, aimed at empowering each of our service users to live more fulfilling, independent lives.Our services have evolved to seek new, imaginative solutions for people with disabilities. We are also rapidly expanding our residential and community-based services across the country to meet growing demand for our expert brain injury rehabilitation services.

If you would like to help us promote #ConnectAbility and improve communication for many of the men and women we support please contact us at fundraising@thedtgroup.org or call us on 01444 237286. Support us and you'll be in great company.

Keep up-to-date with the latest #ConnectAbility developments on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much for your support, you can make a difference!