Audio devices

Wireless Headset

Wireless headphones for listening to audio.

EchoVoice EV6 Speech Amplifier

A compact voice amplification system that is sensitive enough to dramatically amplify the faintest voice with a 12 Watt digital amplifier providing high power audio output and clear sound quality.

Echo MiniTech Pro

This device offers the user superb amplification at the touch of a button. allows accurate and quick volume control, easily adjusted by visual and tactile volume pads with large symbols and raised dots.

Communications devices

Go talk

Easy to use and very durable speech output devices. The user can create and store messages to create speech aids that are customised to their needs These can be changed as often as desired. Each Go talk product has a different capacity for storing messages. (4+, 9+, 20+ & pocket versions available)

Smooth Talker Blue

Record any single message directly into the Smooth Talker communicator and press its activation surface for playback up to 2 minutes in length. With its large, five inch activation surface, Smooth Talker is useful for people with visual impairments or who require a larger target area.

Talking Tins Kit

Talking Tins have lots of uses. Make a talking sign for a noticeboard or door. Record a personal note or create a talking label. The possibilities are endless! Record a message of up to ten seconds and play it back at the touch of a button.

Penfriend 2 Labeller

Label anything and everything -make audio labels by recording your own voice.

Educational devices

Beamz Interactive Music System

This interactive system uses beams to make music, break the beams to activate the sound. Beamz is switch and adaptive keyboard accessible and also allows users to break the beams on-screen using an eye gaze device.

ChooseIt! Maker

Create, edit and play personalised learning materials and then download them to an iPad or Android tablet.

Eye Gaze

myGaze Power

myGaze Power is a truly inclusive device allowing an eye gaze user the same access to any standard Windows application as their peers who are using the keyboard and mouse. (Also available: EyeMouse Power)

Input devices

SimplyWorks Access Pack

Wireless control devices including, switches, rollerballs and joysticks

Integra Mouse Plus

The wireless IntegraMouse Plus is a fully functional mouth operated computer mouse.

J-Pad Joystick

J-Pad is a unique, highly intuitive joystick interface providing comprehensive switch access to all iPad functions – including Apps, music and media, iBooks, still and video photography, on-screen keyboard entry and much more. (for iPad)

Jumbo XL II Hi-Vis Keyboard

This keyboard has chunky one inch square keys and includes all function keys. This version has bright high contrast keys to make the letters more visible. (Available in black or yellow)

Cosmonaut Wide Grip Stylus

The Cosmonaut is a large, chunky and grippable stylus for touch screens. Works well with the iPad and on other touch screen devices.

Literacy aids

Reading Pen

This amazing little device can scan a word or a whole line from printed text and then display it in large characters. It will read the word to you and then show or read a definition from the Oxford Concise Dictionary.

Clicker 7

Computer writing tool that enables students to select words and create sentences made of words or pictures, whilst using the Eye Gaze. Great for personalising literacy support.

Mounting solutions

Universal Switch Mounting VFA

Extendable mounting arm that allows a switch to be clamped to surfaces such as wheelchairs and table edges.(Also available as a Lightweight mounting)

Ergo Rest - Standard Arm and Pad

The Ergo Rest provides support for the forearm when eating, typing, or working at a table.

Adjustable iPad Cradle with Cradle Plate

The adjustable iPad cradle gives the ability to mount an iPad to a variety of mounting systems without removing the iPad from its protective case. It´s easy-to-use and compatible with a variety of different cases.


Mini Pal Pad Switch

Only 1.2 ounces of force will activate the Pal Pad switches. They can be operated with the slightest touch whether from directly above or at a shallow angle. These can be plugged into communication aids, battery operated devices or computer interfaces. Colour can make a switch attractive to touch and help users with a visual problem when they are placed on a contrasting surface. Different colours will help the individual using two switches. (Red or green available)

Large Pal Pad Switch

(As above) A large switch can be easier to target, but will take up more space and be more obtrusive. Some people may find it easier to start with a big switch and then move to a smaller one

Click-On Plus

Click-on Plus allows two devices to be controlled at the same time using wireless or wired switches that can be used singularly or in combination.


A switch that can be worn on the finger. Useful for individuals with minimal movement

Chin Switch

This switch can be attached to an individual's head so they can use their chin to activate the switch.

Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

The Candy Corn switch is highly sensitive and requires zero pressure to activate.

Vibe-Lite Switch

A switch that combines tactile and visual stimulation through vibrations and light.

Doo-zy 2 Switch Kit

Control a wide range of items and sensory equipment using a connected lead or wireless infra-red technology. Can also be used to control a television or music players. Press the switch to record sounds and messages using the internal microphone. Magic eye for controlling Doo-zy with out touching it.

Vibrating Pillow

The Vibrating Pillow is comfortable and is switch adapted to fit any 3.5mm switch

iClick for iPad

iClick allows you to turn electrical appliances on and off wirelessly using the free of charge iClick App on your iPad

Visual aids

Synapptic Software

Interface app with large clear buttons for using a tablet or phone. The app makes using equipment more accessible. Colours, text size and magnification can be changed to suit the user's visual needs. Messages and commands can be read out to the user through the software.

Pebble HD 4.3

4.3" HD handheld video magnifier has 5 levels of magnification. Use the adjustable handle for ease of use in multiple positions